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Belly Dance Classes in Arizona  

Class at the Y


Class at Fort Drum























Cultural Dance Schedule

Studio - Thrive Cultural Academy
702 E. Cottonwood Lane Bldg. F
Casa Grande, AZ


Week 1:

Classic Dance

-Posture, Arm/Foot Positions, Foot Patterns - Intro to Wand


Week 2:


-Long Veil & Fan Veil


Week 3:

Review Classic Dance and Oriental Class information


Week 4:

Middle Eastern - Folkloric Style

-Zills (finger cymbals) - Middle Eastern Rhythm Intro

Basic Egyptian style movements


Week 5:

Tribal and Flamenco Fusion

Skirt Dancing


Week 6:

Middle Eastern - Folkloric Review


Week 7:

Tribal and Flamenco Fusion Review


Week 8:

Full Format Review

























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  Krisenna is available for entertainment and belly dance instruction in Casa Grande, AZ.  



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Belly Dance instruction in Arizona - Belly Dance Classes in Casa Grande, AZ